Best Damn Beard Products


Have a beard? Then you need these Best Damn Beard products! 

Best Damn Beard Wash. It's made with plant-based ingredients to tame your mane and moisturize the skin underneath it without stripping your beard of its natural oils and power. Leaves a subtle and wonderful citrus hefeweizen scent. 6 oz. (Citrus Hefeweizen scent) 

Best Damn Beard Balm. Made with superior grade ingredients like lanolin and cocoa butter, our Beard Balm helps moisturize and protect a man's beard and the face underneath it. With a pleasant, woodsy fragrance, and packaged in a premium travel tin, it's like a portable Redwood forest in your pocket. 1.6 oz. (Redwood scent)

Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Oil.There is a fine line between the unruly beard of a grizzled mountain hobo and the dashing beard of a world champion. Go from unkempt to "kempt". Features the scent of freshly split cedar, making you feel like you're on a walk through the Redwoods. 3 oz. and travel size .5.oz.(Redwood scent) 

 Sold separately