Shower Steamers


These Shower Steamers deliver a bright & powerful aromatherapy experience with scents created using phthalate-free fragrance oils to uplift the spirit, mind and body!  Each pack contains 7 - 1 oz tablets. Tablets last 10-15 minutes.

Citrus Bliss is a blend of the finest Tangerine, Orange and Tea Tree essential oils infused with Menthol

Deep Breath is a blend Peppermint & Eucalyptus essential oils and Menthol

Rejuvenate is a blend of Grapefruit & Bergamot with soothing Tea Tree essential oils and Menthol

Restore is a blend of Lemon, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils and Menthol

Revive is a blend of Eucalyptus essential oil infused with Menthol

Relax is a blend of Lavender essential oil and Menthol

Sold separately