Double Take Salsas


Double Take Salsa exceeds expectations of salsa lovers. These salsas are packed with flavor and have a bite to them.  Each jar of salsa has a complex recipe to create unique, rich, delicious flavors that cannot be forgotten. Once the heat kicks in, it will make you do a double take! 

And best of all, they are locally made! 

El Jefe: Hatch Peppers smoked over a wood fire will make you think you walked into your favorite BBQ joint. Vegan approved. NO SUGAR

Machismo Hot: The layers of flavor make this chipotle style salsa stand on its own. With a hint of sweet, followed by a rich smokiness, you will definitely do a double take as you start to feel the heat of the exotic peppers kick in. 

Machismo Medium: A less spicy brother of the original Machismo, this salsa's flavor cannot be ignored. A chipotle style salsa that has the same layers of flavor from a hint of sweet to a rich smokey taste. 

Verde Good: This tomatillo & green chile mash-up is so fabulous that it will even have your children eating green vegetables. NO SUGAR

Aces & EightsPlenty of TLC goes into the making of Aces & 8s corn salsa with a list of ingredients that includes orange bell pepper, roasted garlic, tomatillos and green onion. Its beautiful consistency also lends itself to serving as a relish or mix it with an avocado for a great guacamole.

Cherry TaleLike a fairytale this sweet, hint of cherries, with a slight chipotle finish is a fabulous salsa. First released in a fundraiser under the name Jason Desalsa. We raised $4,748.31 for Mn Central Kitchen. This was so popular with so many rave reviews that we had to make this a permanent addition to the Double Take Salsa lineup.

Sold separately