Current Mood Candles


Made with real essential oils in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax, each mini candle burns beautifully, developing a full melt pool that releases the delightful aromas throughout the space.

Fresh red currant, cassis leaf, and a sparkle of pomelo splash over savory bay, lush rose, earthy vetiver, and a touch of smoky incense. Essential oils of geranium and amyris in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax.

  • Made with a coconut-soy blend wax
  • Features custom fragrances made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes in reusable glass vessels with painted wood lids

Mini: Net wt. 3.5 oz/ | 2.5"dia × 3.2"h | 26 hour burn time

Large: net wt. 3.5 oz| 2.5"dia × 3.2"h | 40 hour burn time