Funny Lavatory Mists

These hilariously named lavatory mists will surely make your gift recipient laugh out loud!
Choose from:
  • Shitting Glitter: Mares eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. But unicorns? They eat glitter. And, I don't think I need to tell you what happens next. Scented with lavender and basil.
  • Damn Dude Are you feeling ok? Really, I'm a little worried about you. What did you eat?Scented with Jasmine and Rose with essential oils of Orange and Thyme.
  • We've Got a Shituation Here Vetiver and rose scent. More than 500 applications in every bottle!
  • No Shit SherlockTwo quick mists erase evidence of any offense - no matter how foul. Light lemon and cedar scent.
  • My Butt Sings the Hits: Fart Town Records presents the top hits!  Delicately scented with Rosewater & Cherry Blossom
5.3 fl. oz./156 ml.  Sold separately