Fun Cotton Candy Tubs


Everyone will love these Minnesota made cotton candy tubs! Available in the following flavors:

Birthday Cake: This all natural cotton candy features the classic taste of white birthday cake.

Cherry Berry: 3 layers of flavor- Cherry, berry and vanilla cotton candy in a multi-layer tub.

Unicorn Tails is a fun mix of Cherry, Grape, Apple and Blue Raspberry flavored Cotton Candy packaged in a tub.  This cheerful mix will be the hit of any event.

Alien Fluff Sour Candy: Enjoy the tart sour watermelon and prepare to love this new addition to the cotton candy family.

Cookies & Cream: This tasty flavor starts with a layer of chocolate, then a layer of vanilla, topped off with another layer of chocolate.  

Rainbow Sour: This combination of sour strawberry, blue raspberry and green apple makes a tasty treat for the sour savant in your life.

Orange Dreamsicle: has a creamy orange flavor that will have you dreaming of a summer ice cream treat.

Strawberry Lemonade: Sweet and tangy, enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries and tart lemons swirled together.

Spicy Pickle: Captures that tart, tangy, mouth puckering taste of Dill pickles with some added heat.

Watermelon: This combines melon and berry flavors to create a tasty fruity treat.

Chocolate Bunny: Cheerful and delicious, this chocolate flavor will be sure to delight.

Jelly BeanGrape, cherry, and apple flavors swirled together to create the perfect springtime gift

Cotton Tailcombines two classic cotton candy flavors, pink vanilla and blue raspberry in one eye-catching tub.  Cotton Tail is sold in 1.75 oz and 1 oz sizes.

Each tub contains 1.75 oz. of cotton candy and is only 140 calories for the entire tub.

Sold separately