Squeeze Sauces

Cooking gourmet meals at home is easy with Terrapin Ridge Farms!
Just use one of the famous specialty sauces to add incredible flavor and flair to any dish. These gourmet sauces are great to use for appetizers, grilling and more.
Whether you prefer sweet or spicy food sauces, there is a flavor that is sure to please your palate!
Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors
Nt. Wt. 8oz

Truffle Aioli - Truffles add subtle, earthy flavor to this creamy aioli.

Bacon Aioli Smokey bacon and tart Dijon mustard shine in this velvety spread.

Buffalo Ranch -  A cool, tangy buttermilk ranch and zesty, spicy buffalo sauce combination.

Everything Aioli - It's all in there-ketchup, pickle, mustard, onion, mayo chilies…

Hot Wasabi - Perfect balance of wasabi kick and flavor.

Jalapeno Aioli -  Aioli combined with jalapenos and a subtle hint of lemon

Pesto Aioli -  The bright flavor of basil and a punch of raw garlic

Spicy Chipotle - A balance of chipotle peppers, spices, cider vinegar and the zip of orange juice.

Sriracha Horseradish - Sriracha and Horseradish give this sauce a one-two punch.

Sriracha Aioli - Creamy aioli with Sriracha sauce, balancing the heat of red chiles with a dash of sugar and a hint of citrus.

Chili Lime Aioli - Chili and lime give this gourmet aioli a robust flavor. 

Coconut Curry - The aromatic combination of coconut cream and curry. 

Truffle Hot Sauce - Marries spicy chili peppers with the unique earthy flavor of truffles

Bang Bang - Blend of chili peppers and sweet, creamy aioli

Honey BBQ Aioli - delicious aioli combines sweet and savory flavors to create a yummy squeeze

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