Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool

  • The Hy-Genie hand tool will keep you and your hands safe from coming into direct contact with harmful germs; Provides a way to avoid germs on key pads, touchscreens, elevator buttons, door handles, trash can lids, hotel room doors, and other germ-infested public hangouts.
  • Made of C280 brass: an alloy of copper and zinc that uses its natural ability to kill germs on its surface in up to 4 hours; bronze tone finish.
  • It measures approximately 2.8 x 1.2 x 1.0 in; Ergonomic design that reduces direct point of contact by more than 99%, making it easy to push buttons, open doors, and pull levers.
  • It makes touching germs directly a thing of the past; Great gift idea for friends and family who need to stay clean and protected while on the go.