Bend It Brush


BendItBrush has soft silicone scrubbers that suds-up like a sponge and an embedded Flex-force band to offer rigidity when straightened. The flexibility of the BendItBrush allows you to clean all tall and short glasses, cups and bottles literally from top to bottom, inside and outside.  The stretchable finger pockets provide a good grip to bend the brush and get the rims nice and clean with complete control.

BendItBrush works wonderfully on knives and utensils to clean two sides at one time while protecting your fingers and hand from the sharp blade.  Even use the BendItBrush straight for simply washing dishes.
BendItBrush…It’s a brush and a sponge all in one.

Some stuff you should know:

  • Shape changing cleaning brush-use it bent, use it straight
  • It’s a brush and a sponge all in one
  • Bend it to wash 2 surfaces at once
  • Quickly removes lipstick and balm off rim of glass
  • Straighten it to reach down inside tall glass or water bottles