SpyX Secret Agent Communications Kit


4 SPY TOY GADGETS TO COMMUNICATE SECRETS- A pair of Spy Walkie Talkies to talk to your fellow agent, a Micro Scope to spy on your target from a distance, an Invisible Ink Pen to write and read invisible messages, and a Secret Voice Disguiser to change your voice, and play it back 'twisted' … just right for Jr. Spies!

SPY WALKIE TALKIES DESIGNED FOR SPY KIDS: Ergonomic design built for small hands, and belt clip for hand free spying. 2-Way communication up to 400ft. This is your child's first REAL walkie talkie that REALLY works!

MICRO VOICE DISGUISER TO CHANGE THE VOICE: Use the voice changing device to disguise your voice... make it silly, scary, fast or slow! Record up to 10 seconds of your secret spy message directly into the unit. Easy to use simple two button design - perfect for little hands!

MICRO SPY SCOPE & INVISIBLE INK PEN TO COMMUNICATE IN SECRET: Use the powerful monocular to spy and see things from far away and use the spy pen to write, read, and share invisible messages!