Clever Kids Activity Books


Explore the colorful illustrations as you trace the grooved trails on each page with your fingers and find and feel the die-cuts.  Perfect for sensory and interactive play!  Bright colorful illustrations feature lots of detail to spot and say, aiding development of first words and early reading.   

Choose from:

  • Travel Puzzles- this book is brimming with travel-themed logic puzzles guaranteed to keep kids entertained on even the longest of journeys. From airport mazes and round-the-world logic games to capital city conundrums and safari-themed sudoku, there's plenty of exciting puzzles to solve over the school holidays. 
  • Amazing Brain Games- his book is packed with memory, word, and number games for you to solve. From battleships and mind-bending spot the differences to mazes and number pyramids, there are plenty of puzzles to give your brain a workout. 
  • Wordsearch Workoutsthis book is packed full of wordsearch puzzles to complete. This book is perfect for bright young wordsearch enthusiasts and is sure to keep kids engaged and entertained. 
  • 10-Minute Brain Games the wide variety of timed puzzles and exercises will keep you guessing and give your brain a real workout. Including memory tests with words, shapes, and numbers; simple calculations; word squares and jumbled sentences; verbal-reasoning exercises; and Sudoku and Kakuro problems. 

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