Creativity Candle


Made with real essential oils in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax, each candle burns beautifully, developing a full melt pool that disperses the beneficial fragrances throughout the space. 

Fragrance Notes:

TOP: cypress, honey, rose MID: ylang ylang, geranium, violet, frankincense BASE: pine, clove leaf, patchouli This fragrance was specially designed with a unique blend of geranium, cypress, and clove leaf essential oils to help boost creativity and inspiration.

Net wt. 7.5 oz | 3.2"dia × 3.8"h
Made with a coconut-soy blend wax | Features custom fragrances made in the U.S.A. | Offers up to 40 hours of burn time per candle | Comes in reusable glass vessels with bamboo lids