Humorous Dog Dish Towels


These funny dish towels are perfect for the dog lover in your life or for yourself if you're looking for a smile!

Each black and white cotton dish towel lends a hand lettered sentiment with dog design that complements well with existing kitchen decor. Machine-washable.       28" x 28"

Choose from these doggy sentiments:

  • Leave Me Alone I'm Only Speaking To My Dog Today!
  • Dog Hair Is My Glitter
  • I Just Want To Be A Stay At Home Dog Mom
  • I Just Want To Drink Wine and Pet My Dog
  • I Just Freakin' Love Dogs
  • Dogs Welcome People Tolerated
  • All You Need Is Love And A Dog Ok…And Maybe A Beer. But That's It. Really!
  • The Dogs Are In Charge We Just Live Here.
  • Every Meal You Make Every Bite You Take I'll Be Watching You
  • My Kids Have Paws

Sold separately