Mini Giving Bear


For the young or young at heart, this mini Giving Bear is a uniquely made, cuddly bear for those in need of a hug. We can all use a hug. Not just from time to time, but all the time.

That’s why Giving Bear is pillow soft and lightly stuffed for the kinds of cuddles only your favorite plush teddy bears can give. 

Whenever you need a little comfort, a little safe, a little brave Giving Bear’s floppy body is made of silky fuzz for simply the best squeezes.

Everyone needs a hug, and that’s why this cuddly bear is silky soft and lovingly stuffed for endless hugs. Touchable, textured fabrics offer a soothing feel to this floppy companion.

A keepsake bookmark with a message of encouragement comes tied around Giving Bear’s neck to offer bravery and strength when it is needed most.

  • 4 names to choose from-Loveable, Blessed, Best Buddies, Smiles
  • Mini Size: 4"w x 5"d x 8.5"h
  • Materials: plastic, polyester
  • Care Instructions: Surface Washable