Moondance Candles


Made with real essential oils in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax, each mini candle burns beautifully, developing a full melt pool that releases the delightful aromas throughout the space.

Bergamot highlights complement warm sandalwood and earthy patchouli wrapped in climbing roses, elegant iris, oriental woods, and soft amber. Essential oils of patchouli and bergamot in a creamy coconut-soy blend wax.

  • Made with a coconut-soy blend wax
  • Features custom fragrances made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes in reusable glass vessels with painted wood lids

Mini: Net wt. 3.5 oz/ | 2.5"dia × 3.2"h | 26 hour burn time

Large: net wt. 3.5 oz| 2.5"dia × 3.2"h | 40 hour burn time