Noggin Workshop Brain Teasers


These mind teaser card brain games challenge you with logic puzzles, word puzzles, geometry riddles and sequence puzzles!  The card brain games promote logic, lateral thinking, visualization and other mental exercises that your brain may not use on a regular basis.

Limber up, it’s thinking time!

IQ Squares is a brain busting card game requiring all your powers of reasoning.   In this card game, to figure out the hidden meaning in each square, you'll need to think outside the box!   Ages: 12+   Number of Players: 1+

Brain Bending Conundrums is a challenging mind teaser card game for even the fittest of brains. Puzzles wrapped in riddles inside mysteries! Ages: 12+   Number of Players: 1+

Word Mixers card brain game are words within words within words of fun!  Do you love the English language? Do you know an anagram when you see it? Put your knowledge to the test with these tangled word mixers brain games. Ages:  16+  Number of Players:  1+