Double Take Hot Sauces



Double Take hot sauces are packed with flavor and have a bite to them! Each bottle of hot sauce has a complex recipe to create unique, rich, delicious flavors that cannot be forgotten. Once the heat kicks in, it will make you do a double take! 

: A versatile hot sauce made from pureed vegetables and exotic peppers. Add it to anything to boost the flavor, and you’ll understand why this is our signature hot sauce.

Cilantro Avocado: Flavor First Heat second on this not-crazy-hot hot sauce. Made with all fresh ingredients and no sugar. The flavor is magnificent and will make everything taste better. YUM!

Carolina Reaper:  If you think of a tricked out Louisiana style hot sauce, with a bite like a rattlesnake, the Carolina Reaper pepper is no joke. Use this on eggs, warm sandwiches, etc!