Summer Drink Mixes


These fun drink mixes are a must have for the summer!

Coco-Lime Margarita: The flavor of our classic Lime mix and add to it a little Coconut, then of course Tequila and ice, shake or blend, your choice, the result is the smoothest Margarita ever.

Margarita Lime: It's so easy to make this classic margarita by just adding cold water, ice, stir and enjoy with your favourite Tequila.  Makes 1L

Mojito Lime: classic Mint Mojito reminiscent of times on the beach in the Islands.Have a drink, enjoy the outdoors and celebrate the season. Mix with water & add to your favorite light rum. Makes 3 servings

Paloma: Featuring the distinctive and refreshing taste of Grapefruit & Lime, super easy to make, prepared with Tequila and ice. Serve in a highball or margarita glass with a salted rim.

Peach Sangria: Can be prepared using White wine, Rosé, Red wine, or soda water. So easy to make, serve and enjoy!  Makes 1L

Sangria: This summer time refreshing drink is perfect by the glass just sitting on the patio reading a book,or round the pool. Makes 1 quart

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