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Our very favorite (and yours too!) must have Kitchen Gadgets!

Ever since we added a KITCHEN area to the store years ago, it has been one of your favorite areas to shop. It’s probably because we all spend so much time in the kitchen and are always looking for things that will make the fun and the not-so-fun parts of cooking better and easier, right?

And cooking itself has really come into the spotlight lately, with everyone honing up their own chef skills. And of course, everyone is a foodie these days! Cooking has become a fun new cool hobby we all try to emulate our favorite celebrity chefs. Martha, Ina and Giada better watch out!

In our KITCHEN area, we have a huge array of every kind of gadget and accessory you could ever need! From a pancake batter dispenser (and we have delicious pancake mix and syrups too!) to an assortment of ever-practical bag clips (never have soggy chips again!), we have fun things for the kitchen that you never knew you needed!

Looking to bake something fun up? We have lots of mixes too—including popovers and doughnuts, along with popover pans and doughnut pans. What a great gift idea for your next bridal shower: a popover mix and popover pan!

And don’t forget to try our delicious scone mixes. Just add water and you will have the best homemade scones that no one will ever think came from a mix!

Add some Blue Cattle Vanilla to our next batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies and taste the difference this delicious vanilla makes.

There are so many fabulous finds in our Kitchen area that we could go on and on! But let’s get back to the topic!

Here it is, our top FIVE, must-have, Kitchen Gadgets!

Let’s take a look at our best-selling kitchen gadgets! Be sure to check out these favorite finds and make a note to pick one (or two) up on your next visit the General Store of Minnetonka! And of course, don’t forget that these items are all available to shop online too! Just click here to see them all!

No. 5 The Iced Dip Chiller

Probably one of the most practical of these top-selling items, this ICED DIP CHILLER is a must have for any summer party or really any party at all! Just fill the bottom with ice, add your dip, and set it out on the table. Your dip will stay cool and fresh, and safe! This ICED DIP CHILLER makes a great hostess or shower gift It’s a must-have for everyone who entertains!

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No. 4 Original Red Plate

We have sold this famous Red Plate almost since the day we opened. From the German company Waechtersbach, the Red Plate is used on special occasions, or just as a way to make any day a special occasion. The person who gets to use the Red Plate at their place setting is noted as the special person of the day. How fun is that? Makes a great gift idea—it’s a perfect tradition to start a young family on.

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No. 3 Pickle Pincher

Yes, you read that right. The Pickle Pincher makes retrieving pickles from that big glass jar easier than ever. Who knew? Maybe it’s partially for the novelty, but for whatever the reason, our customers love their pickle pinchers! Makes a fun gift for any pickle lover! Might even be fun for a pickleball player too! Here’s a fun idea: use Pickle Pinchers as little gifts for your pickleball league.


No. 2 Guacamole Keeper

Tired of your guacamole turning brown? Never let that happen again with our two or four cup Guacamole Keeper! Just mix up the guac in this clear plastic bowl, press down on the cover to take out the air and store. Your guacamole will stay fresh and green! This is a must-have for any guac loving family!

Drum Roll Please

The moment you have been waiting for! What is our BEST-SELLING KITCHEN ITEM EVER you ask?

No. 1 Euro Scrubbie

For the past 20  years, this simple item has been everyone’s favorite thing in our Kitchen array of gifts and gadgets. In fact, our favorite greeter, Gloria, used to recommend that people needed at least two for their kitchen—one for cleaning pots and pans, and one for scrubbing vegetables. The colorful Euro Scrubbie is designed to clean surfaces without scratching and is the perfect size to always have at hand. The colorful patterns look nice too—and they are so easy to keep clean—just throw them in the wash or dishwasher. Say goodbye to icky sponges and say hello to Euro Scrubbies! It’s crazy how much everyone loves them!


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Next time you are in the General Store of Minnetonka, be sure to take a look at these Kitchen Gadget Favorites. And while you are at it, take a look at the hundreds of other fun finds in the kitchen area. Did you even know you needed a:

Maybe you will discover your new favorite thing! And don’t forget all these things (and more) are available online—just click here to see them all!