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Kitchen | Food

Sticky Fingers Bakeries Scone Mix  Sticky Fingers Bakery
Gunflint Trail Jams by Jan  Jams by Jan
Popover Mix and Pan Collection  Homestead Mills Mix
Pure Minnesota Wild Rice  Singing Pines
Secret Garden Soups  Secret Garden
MN’s Best Sea Salt Caramels  B.T. McElrath
Our Famous Caramels  Knudsen Caramels
Mike & Jen’s Hot Cocoa  Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa
Wild Country Maple Syrup  Wild Country
Mini Jars of Minnesota Honey  Bare Honey
Patti’s Roasted Nuts  Patti’s Nuts
MN Nice Spice Blends  MN Nice Spice
Squeeze Sauces  Terrapin Ridge Farms
Firesticks Pretzels  Firesticks
Crapola! Granola  Brainstorm
Amish Country Popcorn  Amish Country Popcorn
Lingonberry Preserves  Scandinavian Delights
Sea Salt Caramel Corn  B.T. McElrath
Salty Dog Dark Chocolate Bar  B.T. McElrath
Elki Scandinavian Fruit Preserves  Scandinavian Delights
Doughnut Mixes  Stonewall Kitchen
Twisted Shrub Drink Mixers  Twisted Shrub
Fun Cotton Candy Tubs  Chocolate Storybook
Nordic Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkles  Chicago Importing
Wild Country Maple Syrup  Wild Country
Double Take Salsas  Double Take Salsa
Livia's Salt Pepper Garlic Seasoning  Livia's Seasoning Salt
Freeze Dried Candy  Freeze Dried Moon Puffs
Minnesota Amber Honey  Bare Honey
Smoked Sea Salt Grinders I’m  Up North Longhorn
Funky Chunky Caramel Corn  Funky Chunky
Appetizer Jams and Preserves  Terrapin Ridge Farms
Popcorn Seasonings  Urban Accents
Amish Country Popcorn Seasoning  Amish Country Popcorn
Prairie Dog Milk Chocolate Bar  B.T. McElrath
Herman the German Hard Candies  Chicago Importing
Minnesota Honey Sticks  Bare Honey
Dip Mixes by Wind and Willow  Wind & Willow
Sweet's Salt Water Taffy  Sweet Candy Co
Amish Popcorn Variety Pack  Amish Country Popcorn
Frontier Soup Mixes  Frontier Soups
Camp Craft Cocktail Kits  Camp Craft Cocktails
Seaquist Orchards Jams  Seaquist
General Store Salad Dressings  Braswell
Party Cracker Seasoning  Savory Fine Foods
Land of 10,000 Plates MN Cookbook  Ingram
Everyday Sprinkles  Pepper Creek Farms
Bread Mixes  Sturdiwheat
Bread Mixes
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Location & Hours

14401 Hwy 7
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Store Hours
Monday - Friday 10-6pm
Saturday 10-6pm
Sunday 12-5pm

Cafe Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday 10-4pm
Sunday 12-4pm