Pickled Vegetables


These garnishes and add-ins celebrate produce that’s picked at the peak of ripeness for year-round enjoyment. Perfect for mixing and mingling with your favorite drinks and dishes, these exceptionally delicious products are the start to all sorts of spirited fun!

Crunchy Carrots - a flavor that’s a little bit tart, a little bit sweet and a whole lot delicious.
Spicy Dilly Beans - Hot chili peppers give these crisp beans a fiery finish.
Classic Spicy Asparagus - crushed red chili peppers make for a smooth heat that nicely contrasts the asparagus
Classic Mild Asparagus - crunchy and just the right hint of garlic.
Garlic Jalapeno Olives - large green olives, hand-stuffed with spicy jalapeño slices and zesty garlic.   

Non-GMO and free from any artificial preservatives