Frasier Fir Room Scent Collection


Give the gift of holiday cheer with the iconic fragrance of the season!  This quintessential holiday fragrance sparks memories as enjoyable as the scent itself and creates traditions with friends and family.

The aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedar wood and relaxing sandalwood form a refreshing, crisp, just cut forest fragrance that brings the great outdoors into even the coziest spaces.

Sold separately

Wax Melt -  1 oz

Green Reed Refills - 14 reeds

Petite Diffuser - 4 fl oz

Diffuser - 7.75 fl oz

Oil refill - 7.75 oz

Room Fragrance Mist - 3 oz

Refresher Oil - 1 fl oz

Sachet - 1 ea

Tree & Room Spray - 3.75 oz