Aqua Coraline Collection by Thymes


 Pure water lily. Dewy white cyclamen. Crisp driftwood. Tart Yusu. Brilliant lemon pulp. Intriguing bamboo.

These are the scents that make Aqua Coraline

your new favorite! 

Candle - 7.5oz -60 hour burn time

Body Lotion - 9.25 FL oz

Body Wash - 9.25 FL oz

Hand Creme - 3.0 FL oz

Travel Set- TSA- approved Body Wash, Body Lotion, and a Hand Creme.

Cologne Spray Pen- .34oz

Home Fragrance Mist- 3oz

Bar Soap- 6oz

Bath Salts- 2oz envelope

Cologne- 1.75oz

Body Scrub- 7oz

Hand Lotion- 8.25oz

Hand Wash- 8.25oz

Petite Body Wash- 2.5 oz

Petite Body Lotion- 2.5oz

Petite Hand Creme- 1oz

Diffuser- 4oz

 Sold separately