Pure Minnesota Wild Rice


Singing Pines Wild Rice brings only the best of each year's wild rice crop to you.

Hand Harvested Wood Parched Wild Rice: Hand harvested in the “Old Fashioned" way from the lakes and rivers of Northern Minnesota and, therefore, is in limited supply. This rice cooks up to be very fluffy and tasty with a rich nutty flavor and cooks in only 15 - 25 minutes! As a general rule the lighter the color of the rice, the shorter the cooking time.

Cultivated Wood Parched Wild Rice: The best choice for a side dish or any time you want the flavor of the rice to stand on its own. 

Pure Grade A Cultivated Minnesota Wild Rice: A medium brown color, it has a rich nut-like roasted flavor and a chewy texture. Approximate cooking time is only 40 - 45 minutes. There are no short or broken grains just pure long grain that will cook uniformly.