Surprise Mother's Day Box


Send her a special a box of gifts and goods hand selected by the General Store of Minnetonka!

And the best part is that YOU get to take the credit...but we will do the shopping! 

It's easy... all you have to do is tell us a little bit about who will receive this Mother's Day Surprise Box and we will make it special just for them!  

Order by May 11th for in-store pick up by Friday May 12th  

Be sure to include their approximate age, what some of their favorite things are, and any other details that will help us choose the perfect assortment of things! A list of likes (and any major dislikes!) will make box turn out even better! 

A few additional notes:

    • If picking up, you will receive an email notification when the box is ready for pick up. 
    • The Mother's Day Surprise Box is packed in a BOX. The Surprise Boxes are shipped directly in this box, so additional Gift Boxing is not available.