Savory Cheeseball Mixes by Wind and Willow


You can't go wrong with any of these cheeseball flavors at your next gathering! Many work great as sandwich spreads too.

Bacon Bleu Cheese -  Smoky bacon and creamy bleu cheese blended into perfection.

Bacon Stuffed Mushroom - A creamy blend of bacon and mushrooms.

BLT - Great as a cheeseball, a sandwich spread, a potato topper or a salad show stopper!

Bruschetta - Flavors of Italian Bruschetta right in the mix

Garlic Herb - Rolled in parsley and pecans, you can't go wrong with this traditional favorite.

Jalapeno Jack - Mellow Monterey Jack cheese with just the right blend of jalapenos and southwest spices.

Santa Fe - A delicious new twist on the old Southwest with a subtle blend of Southwest spices.

Smokehouse Bacon And Cheddar - Smoky bacon and cheddar cheese make this a fan favorite!

Spinach Artichoke - A great Cheeseball, of course! But also the base for fabulous appetizers and entrees.

Tuscan Olive - Old world flavors combine to make this a modern classic.

White Cheddar & Chive - So delicious and versatile for any gathering!

Caramelized Onion - The sweet and savory combo is hard to resist!

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